I first came here in Portugal as a tourist and one of the things that fascinated me were the presence of these old electric trams. Most cities outside Portugal already let go of their old ones and only use the modern ones now. I find it romantic once sitting inside, for a tourist, it gives off that authentic feeling that you are roaming around and exploring Lisbon like the way it should be.  It gives you first-hand experience of the past on how it used to be like traveling in Lisbon in the last century when the first electric cars revolutionized public transport. These trams greatly contribute to the city´s charm and they always look good in the photographs together with the historical buildings and monuments.
The electric car climbing up on one of the "seven" hills of Lisbon.
The most popular electric tram is the 28. Still early in the morning and both tourists and locals will already have to have to wait for the next one.
Inside a full tram. Since it is popular to tourists, there is a warning sign inside the tram to be wary of pick pocketers.     
But it is all worth the risk, especially in the 28 because it passes through a very scenic route. This one passes through the touristy Rua Augusta
View from the tram. One can´t help but notice these electric wires all over Lisbon
Inside of the tram when it is decently full.
LEFT: Lisbon is a truly historical city born before cars and traffic. This tram navigating in one of the narrow paths in Alfama which was once designed to be passed by horses. RIGHT: Tram driver stopped in the traffic to manually switch lines. ​​​​​​​
A passenger looking out the window.
The electric tram is more than just a transport. It has become a symbol of the city.
Tram passing by shops with glass walls in Pombalina
The tram is a perfect marketing tool for publicity and great for dressing up for the holidays. This one is driven by a Santa Claus with children inside
Passengers boarding with another tram waiting behind
Trams passing in opposite directions
Mini replicas of the electric tram if you can´t get enough of the real thing.
LEFT: Inside the tram. RIGHT: Tram passing by the arch in Praca de Comércio
Tram running at rush hour full of passengers
One of the trams used for tourists. End of route, the sun has set, the day has ended.
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