People modify what is around them. Shaping and building, creating and eventually destroying. People manipulate things to their own image and will. People live and leave their mark behind.
The signs of a past usage and past living are what remains. People move on, abandon, and start new life elsewhere.  This work is based on the concept of capturing the conflict of two elements: the human hand that transforms the landscape, and the nature once invaded which eventually retakes its space. The human presence and all that is human is a fruit of a work of creation and preservation. It works for buildings and objects, and it works equally for human qualities.
What I learned from these abandoned places, that If we don't move with the times, life will pass us by. What the effort created, the stagnation will ruin. Decay is the destiny for what we don't nourish. I wanted to capture the way it is in reality but I also wanted to capture how I feel towards it through editing. I edited the photos in a way to put emphasis on the contrast of two things:  the abandoned, looking aged and lifeless, while the upper part of the photo are the clouds, vibrant and full of life. Overall, I want the audience to feel that life once passed here and now it is abandoned and forgotten. I find it romantic and sad at the same time. Romantic because I imagine the memories created or would have been created there, and the plans of what it could have been. Sad because of the state that it is now. But at the same time the vibrancy of the clouds gives us that feeling of hope and new beginnings.
When we have moved on, nature flourishes and covers our footsteps. Wind will take down the strong fortress, a tree will break the highest wall, and weeds will cover the most prosperous city. Nature will always reclaim what we have taken once we have forgotten.
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